3 Exciting Exhibits to Visit at the Prospect Park Zoo

Mother and toddler petting a sheep at the Prospect Park ZooSituated on the eastern side of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, the Prospect Park Zoo has been working tirelessly to save wildlife and protect their habitats since 1980. Home to everything from barn animals and amphibians to birds and sea lions, there is an array of animals and species. The zoo offers a Discovery Center that hosts daily educational programs, annual events, and interactive exhibits geared towards inspiring the public and helping guests understand the importance of conservation. The next time you’re in the area, be sure to a head out for a day of fun and adventure with the animals!

Family-friendly activities like Prospect Park Zoo are a great way to experience Brooklyn. Just half a mile from At Home in Brooklyn, the zoo is just the start of the fun. Use our free Vacation Guide for the best things to do in Brooklyn!

What You’ll See at the Prospect Park Zoo

With three themed exhibit venues, the Prospect Park Zoo offers 12 acres of discovery and is a wonderful place to bring the kids, your special someone, or an animal lover of any age. Here are some of our favorite zoo features. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the neighborhood zoo is easily accessible and a fun trip for the kids! Be sure to check the zoo schedule before you go, too, to see things like sea lion training and feedings!

1. The World of Animals

Located in the Southern part of the zoo, the World of Animals exhibit showcases animals from all over the globe in settings that mimic their natural habitats. See animals like black-tailed prairie dogs, emus, river otters, and dingos, as they venture through the exhibit’s Discovery Trail. Then, wind along the path to the rare red pandas! Watch them scale the trees or snooze on a branch. And, at one part of the trail, kids can crawl through underground burrows to the observation posts. There, they can watch the animals safely from right on the ground.

2. Animal Lifestyles

This exhibit features a variety of indoor habitats. Visitors will learn more about the lives of water, air, and land creatures. The main Animal Lifestyles exhibit is a troop of hamadryas baboons that can be seen burrowing in small caves. They do this to signal to family members and socialize. You can watch the troop from a large glassed-encased gallery that offers ample seating. This is an incredible chance to observe the animals like you’ve never seen before!

3. Animals in Our Lives

The Animals in Our Lives portion of the zoo illustrates the dynamic relationships between animals and people. At the art station, young visitors will learn to observe wildlife by sketching the animals. Or, visit the other side of the building to watch animals who use adaptations to survive like nocturnal species who thrive at night. Be sure to stop by the working barn, too! There you’ll find sheep, cows, goats, ducks, geese, and other animals that play an important role in human life.

Book Your Stay with At Home in Brooklyn

With so much to do and see, an afternoon at the Prospect Park Zoo will leave you feeling bonded with the animals, nature, and the world we live in. After a wonderful day, head back to At Home In Brooklyn where you can sit on the patio and relax. Then, enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in one of our beautiful rooms or suites. We can’t wait to hear about your trip to the zoo! If you need more great ideas for your time here, be sure to download our Free Vacation Guide!

Photo Credits: abzerit, Thinkstock | SbytovaMN, Thinkstock