How to Navigate New York Public Transportation

Man riding the subway, part of New York public transportationFrom cabs and cars to subways and trains, there are endless ways to travel in New York City. Each year, over 100 million commuters from around the world venture through NY to discover the magic and mystery of the Big Apple. But with a large population, busy streets, and flashing lights, New York public transportation can be intimidating for first-time visitors and tourists. Luckily,  At Home In Brooklyn is here to help! Here are some of our favorite ways to explore the city.

Tips For Using New York Public Transportation


The New York City subway system has 469 stations and 24 subway lines and is the cheapest and fastest way to journey through the city. The routes are identified by letters as well as numbers and travel throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Each subway station has a customer information center that offers maps, train schedules, and safety tips, and there is also a New York MTA Subway App available for your smartphone. The trains usually run every 5 to 10 minutes, and fare starts at just $2.00. If you plan to ride the subway multiple times throughout your stay, we suggest purchasing a MetroCard to help you save money on train tickets.


The yellow taxi cab is a New York City icon and is a quick and convenient way to get from point A to point B. There are over 13,000 medallion taxis in the city that make an estimated 175 million trips each year, and fares begin at $2.50 and increase $0.40 every half mile. To hail a cab, simply stand near the curb, stick your arm high in the air, and make eye contact with the cab driver. (Or, if you possess the ability, a loud whistle usually does the trick.) Visitors can also use Uber, which was introduced to NYC in 2011 and now offers black and luxury cars operating in all five boroughs.


New York is famous for it’s unique sights, smells, and sounds, and the best way to experience it all is from the seat of a bicycle. With more than 700 miles of bike lanes, cycling is an easy and popular mode of transportation during the warm summer months. Many visitors choose to use the Citi Bike system, which allows you to purchase a 24-hour or 7-day pass for rental bikes in over 330 locations throughout the city. To become more comfortable riding in an urban environment, we recommend downloading a New York City bike map that will give you a detailed look at bike lanes in each borough.

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